About Raj Hatcheries

Raj Hatcheries was founded in 1994 by Mr. J. Arokiasamy (J.A.Samy) former Project Director of Orissa Shrimp Seed Production Supply & Research Centre (OSSPARC). With primary focus on quality, Raj hatcheries has remained as a producer of finest quality shrimp seeds in India. Our state of the art hatcheries use modified “Galveston type” technology which has all the required scientifically and systematically controlled conditions that are made optimum for the production of high quality premium shrimp seeds. The sophistication and the level of technology involved in shrimp seed production are very high. This system includes highly effective water treatment equipments like slow sand filters, pressure sand filters, cartridge filters, UV filters etc. which help to produce pathogen free fry and hence high survival and assured farm returns.

The company at present has eight production modules with a capacity of more than 600 million seeds as per demand. A modernized PCR lab is also established with MPEDA guidance and assistance. This helps to have complete control over the quality. Like all responsible companies we are also Environment friendly and we keep our standards of hygiene as high as possible. With the perfect technology at hand, we don’t mind walking that extra mile to deliver the best possible solutions, in line with the standards we have already set for us.

Vannamei Seeds

Monodon Seeds

Photo tactic Nauplii

Our founder

Mr. J. Arokiasamy (J.A.Samy) is a Biologist and Technologist with over 40 years of experience in the field of shrimp hatcheries and seed production. He was the former Project Director of Orissa Shrimp Seed Production Supply & Research Centre (OSSPARC) a project of Marine products Export Development Authority (MPEDA), Ministry of Commerce, Govt of India and was trained in Thahiti and New Caledonia of French Polynesia and SEAFDEC Philippines.

He regularly visits South East Asian countries to keep track of and contribute to learning and advancements in the field of shrimp seed production.

Our process

All our production facilities are comprehensively equipped to comply to industry's highest quality standards.

Feed production units

  • Algae unit to produce required algae by scientific method.
  • Artemia Unit to produce Artemia nauplii.
  • Encapsulated high quality imported feeds at ready stock for use.

Nauplii production unit

  • Independent two maturation units equipped with Chillers and Boilers.
  • Brooders are screened for Listed Viruses through quarantine unit.
  • Conversion of nauplii is right time and uniform.

Larval units

  • PCR tested, photo tactic nauplii are used.
  • Quality marine algae, Encapsulated artificial feed and nutritionally rich artemia nauplii are provided.
  • Good quality Probiotic are used. Antibiotic free.

Microbiological & PCR Lab

  • Quality check is made at various stages from brooders to post larvae through microbiological lab and PCR Lab.

Seed packing

  • The seeds are acclimatised to pond salinity and shifted safely.

Why Us?

30+ years in shrimp seed production
600+ million seed production capacity
2000+ satisfied customers
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